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Years Of Proven Research

We've researched the top factors of consumers buying decisions, even using Paid Focus Groups to help identify the top concepts to use to convert new customers for you. With years of research and video work, our reputation commercial are PROVEN to boost your reputation visibility and conversion!

We Use REAL Reviews YOUR "Customers" Placed Online!

You can show us your favorite Review, or let our team pick one from your Online Reviews found on Google, Facebook, or many other places. Then we will use that review, and showcase YOUR Company, branding the video, and giving a STRONG Call to Action to convert viewers into Paying Customers!!!

Proven To Boost Reputation Visibility and Conversions

93% research the business reviews before committing to buy and nearly ⅔ of shoppers say online video has given them ideas and inspiration for their purchase.

Absolutely FREE Video Review Production and Design

We invest our time and expertise FIRST to give you a GREAT Video Review that brings you more engaged customers and new business... All for FREE! Whatever You call your Patrons: Patients, Customers, Members, Guests, it does not matter.
All of them are: Paying Customers!


1 Provide Your Details and Decide Upon a Real Review

Help our team create the perfect video review for your business. We need your company information for the "Call to Action", and your help to choose the best real review that we find online!

2 Get Your Video Ad Concept

Within 48 hours our top video production professionals will contact you to discuss your NEW Video Review! This is a 30 minute meeting to make sure we got it all right, and help you see how this commercial can be used to help you with your goals.

We can provide your company, no matter what industry you are in, a video review!

We Cover ALL Production Costs! 100%
Result = You Save Hundreds!

Have more than 1 Review?
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Don't Take Our Word For It...

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Howard Tiano

Wizards of Winning Clients

Actuated Marketing helped my company solve a key issue holding us back, so we are now on track thanks to Richard and Actuated Marketing's expertise!

Dr. Joe Wojciechowski

Lifeback Chiropractic

When it comes to marketing business through reputation reviews, Richard from Actuated Marketing is  the most knowledgeable and passionate person in the business with a real face who works tirelessly to preserve, protect and defend a business’ online presence and reputation.

A Sample of Out of Our Portfolio

Just A Few Video Reviews of the Hundreds Produced, 100% FREE of Production Charges:

Professional Video Production - Done For You - FREE
  • We cover the spokesmodel fee, the makeup artist, and the costume staff fees as well, so you don't have to!
  • We cover the video editor and also cover the cost for a prime time graphics animator!
  • What's the Catch? We do ask for 3 Referrals of other businesses who may benefit from a video! That's it!